CERRIE was an independent Committee established by the UK Government in 2001, following concerns about the risks of internal radiation. The Committee operated between October 2001 and October 2004.

Although the Committee was set up and sponsored by two UK Government departments, DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and DH (Department of Health), it operated completely independently of them. Its Final Report was not vetted by any Government agency.

Dr Chris Bubsy

Chris Busby is scientific consultant to the Low Level Radiation Campaign and director of the independent environmental consultancy, Green Audit. He obtained First Class Honours BSc (Special) in Chemistry from the University of London. He worked in research for the Wellcome Foundation applying spectroscopic and analytical methods to chemical pharmacology and molecular drug interactions. He discontinued doctoral research in spectroscopy at Queen Mary College, London, following a dispute over ethics and returned to Burroughs Wellcome. He later researched Raman spectro-electrochemistry at the University of Kent, gaining a PhD.

Since 1987, he has developed his interests in the health effects of ionizing radiation and developed the 'Second Event Theory' which distinguishes between hazards from external and internal irradiation. He is scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk in Brussels and also national speaker on Science and Technology for the UK Green Party. As member of the International Society for Environment Epidemiology, he was invited to Iraq and Kosovo to investigate the health effects of depleted uranium. He has also given presentations on depleted uranium to the Royal Society and to the European Parliament. He is a member of the UK Ministry of Defence Oversight Committee on Depleted Uranium.

Recently Green Audit was funded by the Irish Government to research the effects of Sellafield discharges on coastal populations. He is the author of 'Wings of Death: Nuclear Pollution and Human Health', and many articles and research papers on low level radiation. He has given expert evidence in court on many occasions, including the Connecticut State Court on nuclide emissions from the Millstone reactor to Long Island Sound.

He was elected a Fellow of the University of Liverpool in the Faculty of Medicine (Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Biology) in February 2003.

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